Career and Graduate School Fairs

Employers: please use Employer Resources for more information.

To help our students make contact with employers who hire liberal arts graduates,  Career Development works cooperatively with other colleges to sponsor Career Fairs.

In addition, other organizations such as Idealist for nonprofits sponsor career fairs and professional associations offer virtual career fairs. Watch for publicity about those specialized fairs during the year.

employers@4 Series: Each semester we bring in representatives from area companies to speak for an hour on they types of positions their company offers.

Tips when attending Career Fairs:

Bring copies of your resume on resume paper.  Leave a copy with each representative you speak with.  You may just collect literature if you are not prepared.

  • Seniors – wear professional dress; other students should dress neatly.
  • Prepare a brief introduction of yourself and your interests. Be ready to repeat it and give a firm handshake.
  • Use our website links to research all the organizations in advance and be prepared to speak to the ones that interest you and value your qualifications.
  • Be flexible – you may identify a new opportunity by talking to the recruiters!
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your grades, work experience, and goals.
  • Ask for the recruiter's business card.  Be sure to shake hands when you leave the table.  Later that day, send a "thank you" note.

Where is that employer?

You may wonder why a certain employer or type of employer is not represented at a Career Fair. Many employers do not use fairs to recruit and hire employees.  They are either too small to hire frequently or use other means of recruiting such as networking and referral, posting jobs in a professional publication or "as-needed" hiring.  Do not conclude that there are no jobs in your field or career interest by the attendance at a job fair.

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