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Even the best-qualified candidate needs to be able to articulate their qualifications in an interview. Follow these steps to prepare for a successful interview.

First, prepare by "doing your homework" about the job. Read everything you can about the company on their web site, in their company literature, and in newspaper accounts. If you have contacts through your networking, ask them about the organization but remember that personal opinions from your contacts may not always agree with yours.

Do a LinkedIn search for your interviewers' profiles, not to stalk them but to learn about their backgrounds in the organization.  This tells you how to target your own strengths to the position.  You may not want to share your research directly with the interviewer during the interview, however.

Prepare yourself by dressing professionally for the position.  If you are not sure what is expected, ask when you are invited.  See samples of professional dress on the menu to the left under Jobs.  Be sure to reread your resume to focus on your abilities and accomplishments, and be on time for the interview.

Prepare multiple good questions about the position, the industry and the future of the organization.  This is critical to demonstrating your interest and knowledge.  Sample questions are posted under Interviewing on the left menu.

Here are a few web sites that will help you:

The Career Center offers practice interviews several times a year to help you prepare. Contact us to make arrangements.

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