3 Year Degree Programs

Career Planning

Like many adults, you probably returned to college for a variety of complex reasons. Among the typical reasons -- which include personal satisfaction, career advancement or career change - some form of career transition is common. In order to prepare for a satisfying career transition, the time to start planning is now!

First explore the majors we offer through the Weekend College and talk to an advisor about which major takes best advantage of your previous education but also prepares you for your career future or goals. It is not uncommon to change your major after a few courses or semesters so you may want to give yourself some time to explore courses and find your interests. Choosing a major that captures your interest and expresses your values is an important part of planning your education in college.

These links to other university resources provide examples of careers commonly related to majors, as well as examples of typical employers, related careers, and employment options.

What if you don't have career goals?

Don't worry - many adults don't and now would be a good time to explore.

  • We teach workshops in career exploration most semesters. Watch the Schedule of Classes for times and topics.  There is an online workshop offered every summer.
  • MyPlan helps you focus your work values, identify abilities and interest areas and use this information to generate ideas for careers.
  • We also offer vocational testing using the Self-Directed Search. Stop by the Career Center for more information and to pick up a self-scoring copy.
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