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Meet the Whitcomb Hall Staff

Rebecca Greenhouse, Resident Assistant - Whitcomb 204


Year/Major: sophomore, undecided

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Favorite thing about Hiram: I like the small and tight-knit community. I also like the 12-3 schedule.

My name is Rebecca Greenhouse. I am a sophomore and have not yet chosen a major, but I'm interested in the social sciences. I'm from Pittsburgh, PA, but was born in Bulgaria. I play on the women's lacrosse team and absolutely love it! A couple of clubs I have been a member of here at Hiram are Intercultural Forum and Hillel. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing sports, doing community service, traveling, and listening to music.



Emily Moore, Resident Assistant - Whitcomb 304


Year/Major: junior, Integrated Middle Childhood Education in Science and Social Studies major

Hometown: Bainbridge, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: My favorite things about Hiram are the squirrels, and maybe the awesome people. Everyone here is so friendly, encouraging and excited for you to succeed! But seriously the squirrels are hilarious!

I am an Education major, focusing on middle school science and social studies. I grew up in Bainbridge, Ohio not too far from Hiram! I have been swimming since I was very young and I swam on the Hiram team in 2011/2012. I have love helping people and the outdoors. I have been on 4 trips to help build homes in places like Vermont, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Chicago. I have also been on 6 backpacking trips in the Rocky Mountains, as well as camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I love being an RA, my residents are awesome and I love every chance that I get to be a part of their life here at Hiram!



Ryan Neldon, Resident Assistant - Whitcomb 315


Year/Major: sophomore, Chemistry major

Hometown: Brook Park, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: The close knit community. I have never felt like just a number at Hiram, and all the opportunities presented to me are very much a product of a community that is built upon the principle of helping the students be the best that they can be.


I'm 19 years old in my first year of being an RA. Along with being an RA and ACS Certified Chemistry major, I also work at Dray Computer Center and the James H. Barrow Field Station. I have played trumpet for about 10 years now, am an active member in Cuyahoga County 4-H, and have a passion for computers. I became an RA for the opportunity to be a real role model for the students, both new and returning. The ability to be that leader that people look up to and listen to was not something that I was going to pass up when the opportunity was presented to me. I feel that the RA's on campus have a huge influence on how college life can go for many students.



Shane Young, Resident Assistant - Whitcomb 215


Year/Major: senior, Political Science major

Hometown: Bristol, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: I like meeting the various students that come to Hiram. It is a very diverse environment and I absolutely adore diversity. I appreciate everything that is different and I can't wait to encounter it.


Greetings friends; as you may have guessed already, my name is Shane. I am a political science student/politician, but that doesn't automatically mean I'm a bad person. I do my best to assist everyone I meet and I believe that my entire existence is to benefit others. I do that pretty much all the time so, if you've ever got an issue, give me a call.



Dragana Zivak, Resident Assistant - Whitcomb 414


Year/Major: junior, Chemistry major

Hometown: Aurora, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: I love how small Hiram is because the classroom size allows you to actually get to know your professors. Creating these relationships and connections is beneficial not only during their class, but also in the future. Hiram is so good about establishing connections with institutions and people that can help their students in the future.


I am a junior chemistry major with plans on attending pharmacy school in the near future. I enjoy exercise and soccer, volleyball, and rugby. I also love art, and paint in my free time. Getting to know new people is always fun for me, and I'm always ready to help others.

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