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Meet the Booth-Centennial Staff

Courtney Bukach, Resident Assistant - Centennial 117


Year/Major: sophomore, Management & Environmental Studies major

Hometown: Parma, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: Originally seeing myself at a large university, Hiram has completely altered my views on higher education. Taking classes on a more intimate campus provides genuine relationships, personal help in the classroom, and countless resources for the future. I feel that smaller class sizes have helped me to achieve more than I ever thought possible, while the campus community serves as a continuous support system. At Hiram, it is very difficult for anyone to fall behind.


I am a first year Resident Assistant on the first floor of Centennial. I plan to major in Management and minor in Environmental Studies and Entrepreneurship. Aside from being an RA, I also work at the James H. Barrow Field Station and am involved with the Campus Recycling Program. My passion is working with horses, and I am a member of the Hiram College Equestrian Team. After graduation, I am not yet sure what career path I will follow, but I do plan to involve myself in a year of service either with the Peace Corps or a like organization. Oh, and I love Hiram!



Julia Fabich, Resident Assistant - Booth 253


Year/Major: junior, Early Childhood Education major

Hometown: Ashland, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: My favorite thing about Hiram is the small community. It is nice seeing familiar faces every day and creating friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime. Everyone here is really welcoming and cares about each other. The connections I have made with other peers and professors have helped shape me to be the person I am today. All of these people have helped me along the way and I am very thankful for this campus and the support I receive.


I am currently a junior majoring in Early Childhood Education. I am an Admission Office Student Worker where I do data processing and I am also an Admission Navigator where I give tours to prospective students visiting campus. A few things that I am a part of on campus alongside being a Resident Assistant are Education Club, The Net, and I have been the Sponsorship Chair of Relay for Life for the last two years. In High School, I was in National Honor Society and graduated with Honors. I also played softball during my high school career. Every summer I attend a mission trip to Steubenville, Ohio where we repair houses to help those in need.



Mike Gatta, Resident Assistant - Booth 91


Year/Major: senior, Communication major

Hometown: McDonald, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: I love the small size and the 12-3!


My name is Mike Gatta and I am the Resident Assistant of Ground Booth. I am majoring in Communication with a minor in Management. I am a member of the Hiram College baseball team, the African Ensemble, the Inter-Cultural Forum and Event Staff. I also work in the Admission Office and give tours on a regular basis. On the side, I am the promotional manager for a company that three friends and I created called R & R Specialty Foods, LLC.




Manpreet Grewal, Resident Assistant - Booth 232


Year/Major: senior, Political Science major

Hometown: Parma, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: The small class sizes and campus. I love the fact that I know my professors personally and can go to them for advice on class matters and anything else.


I was born in India and moved here when I was 4 1/2. I have lived in Ohio my whole life. Some of my favorite things to do are read, hang out with my friends, and work on cars. I don't watch much TV but I love movies. I'm a friendly person and I love talking to people so come say hi.




Faith Lemon, Resident Assistant - Centennial 205


Year/Major: sophomore, Music major

Hometown: Wauseon, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: My favorite thing about Hiram is the people. Everyone is really welcoming and supportive of each other; from faculty to other students, people just want to see you succeed.


I have 4 dogs, 3 older brothers, 2 cats and 1 guinea pig, so my house is basically a zoo! I love trashy reality TV, knitting, crocheting, reading and trying new things. I thoroughly enjoy cooking and I have never met a food I didn't like. I believe that each person should have something that they are passionate about, and my passion is to be kind and helpful.



Taylor Martin, Resident Assistant - Centennial 13


Year/Major: senior, Creative Writing major

Hometown: Copley, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: My favorite thing about Hiram is the fact that I get to have conversations! Unlike bigger schools, Hiram gives me an opportunity to interact with faculty and peers on a one on one basis that creates strong bonds on the small campus.

My name is Taylor Martin and I am a senior Creative Writing Major. I love to write because of the freedom it allows me to express my feelings in an honest and creative way. I enjoy all fine arts especially music. I would love to incorporate poetry, music and art into journalism to create a multimedia experience that will not only touch the minds of my audience but their hearts as well. I enjoy listening to music, watching YouTube videos, making friends laugh, and enjoying the special moments I have with loved ones.



Abby Staysa, Resident Assistant - Centennial 229


Year/Major: junior, Political Science & Philosophy major

Hometown: Columbia, MO

Favorite thing about Hiram: I love the small student body.


My name is Abby Staysa. I am a junior majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. Aside from academics, I am an RA for an incredible floor of girls in Centennial Hall, a member of the Garfield Institute for Public Leadership, as well as a member of the Women’s Cross Country team. I enjoy reading, dancing, baking, and playing Frisbee.



Natasa Zivak, Resident Assistant - Booth 143


Year/Major: junior, Chemistry major

Hometown: Aurora, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: I love that Hiram is a small, tight-knit community.


My name is Natasa Zivak. I am a sophomore chemistry major at Hiram College. I currently live in Aurora but I was born in Serbia. I enjoy reading, art, music and sports. Currently, I play on the rugby team on campus.

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