At the Hiram College Department of Psychology, we urge students to compare, contrast and integrate a variety of theoretical perspectives. Furthermore, our majors learn to think about psychological phenomena in a rigorous and organized fashion.

Completion of a degree in psychology at Hiram College prepares students for a variety of challenging and stimulating careers, but also prepares them to be more conscientious consumers of information and thoughtful observers of social and psychological processes.

By the time we graduate high school, we have already had many years of experience in observing behavior and constructing our own theories about why people and animals think and act the way they do. In this sense, we are all psychologists. However, the academic field of psychological science involves the systematic study of theory and research in order come to a sound understanding of the causes and consequences of thought and behavior.

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Michelle Nario-Redmond, Associate Professor

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  • Bates Hall

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