Hiram College

Benefactor ($1,850 to $2,999 annually)

The Estate of Anderson Allyn
Paul Barton and Carole Willett-Barton ’53/–
Virginia Bean and Ronald Daley ’74/–
John Belden and Debra (Randby) Belden ’82/’82
David Bell and Alice (Lane) Bell ’54/’53
Elvidio Bufalini ’50
Bruce Bustard and Victoria (Lounsbury) Bustard ’76/’76
Martha (Harnar) Cargo ’39
The Cleveland Foundation
Kathryn Craig and Stephen Zabor
Robert Cruden and Diana Gannett ’58/–
Kathleen Doak ’75
Michael Grajek
Tracey Guice ’03
Robert D. Haak and Eleanor F. Beach
Robin Harbage and Katherin Swanson-Harbage
Terry Hartle and Susan Quantius ’73/–
Stephen Hasbrouck and Carole Hasbrouck
Beverly Keefer ’67
Norman Kelker and Hanna Kelker ’61/–
Kulas Foundation
Charles Marn and Kathleen Hawkins ’78/–
William R. Miner and M. LaVerne Miner ’45/–
Nicole Monachino ’00
Michael Myers and Debbie Myers ’83/–
Eileen (Anthony) Niemi and Edwin Niemi ’48/–
J. William Palmer and Suzanne Palmer ’65/–
Edgar Peck and Janet (Reimel) Peck ’53/’55
Rick Poston and Linda Poston ’70/–
The Ralph and Marion Kroehle Foundation
Thomas Reuschling and Dorothy Reuschling ’64/–
Pat and Nancy Roberts
Frank Samuel and Jacqueline Samuel ’61/–
Richard Spencer and Evelynne (Troyer) Spencer ’42/’39
Joe Stamm and Leslie Stamm ’68/–
Richard Stofan and Nedra (Kingzett) Stofan ’54/’54
John Vlad and Mary Alice (Roberts) Vlad ’56/’56
Paul Whitacre and Pamela Whitacre ’78/–
Carol (Blanchard) Wolfe and David Wolfe ’70/–
John and Sylvia Yankey