3 Year Degree Programs

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

If your student calls home with one of these questions, you will know where to refer him or her.

What is Fall Weekend?

Fall Weekend is a long weekend for students at the midway point of the 12 week session.  The Friday of Fall Weekend students will not have classes however campus resources remain open (i.e. offices, dining hall, library, etc.).   Students can use this weekend to make a trip home or take a break on campus.  There are no special programs or activities planned for this time outside of previously scheduled sporting events or activities.

How can I receive a package at school?

Students can receive packages at our on-campus Service Center and should be addressed:

Hiram College Service Center
11715 Garfield Rd
Hiram, Ohio 44234
Attention: Student’s name and building/room #
 The staff at the Service Center will then send an email to the student notifying them of package receipt. 

What do I do if I'm sick or injured?

Contact the Julia Church Health Center, located on Peckham Street, at ext. 5418.

What if I need counseling?

Call the Counseling Center, ext. 5952

Who do I talk to about requesting accommodations for my disability?

Call Disability Services, ext. 5952

Can I have a car on campus?

Yes. The vehicle needs to be registered online with IPARQ - The Permit Store. Learn more about parking and transportation.

Where can I cash a check from my family?

You can cash checks (must be less than $50) at the bookstore in the Kennedy Center or the Business Office in Teachout-Price.  Take your ID with you.

Who do I talk to with questions about my bill?

Contact Student Accounts at ext. 5114 or ext. 5117.

Where can I find a job?

Check Student Job Central online or call ext. 5111.

What Study Abroad programs are available?

Go to the Study Abroad website or call ext. 5160 for additional information.

Who do I call about Ethnic Diversity Affairs?

Call ext. 5237.

Who can help with career planning?

Contact the Career and Academic Developmentat ext. 5131.

How do I find out about religious organizations?

Contact the Office of Campus Involvement at ext. 5182.

What if I cannot find a class I need?

Contact your colloquium professor or the Registrar's Office in Teachout-Price at ext. 5210.

Who do I contact for housing/roommate concerns?

The answers to many Housing FAQ's can be found online or by calling ext. 5232.

How soon will I receive my diploma up on graduation?

After grades are filed, each student is reviewed individually to determine that all requirements have bet met and if any honors have been earned. Diplomas are posted to transcripts approximately 4 weeks after commencement.  Printing and mailing to students is typically completed by approximately 6 weeks after commencement.  Any further questions about this process can be directed to the Registrar's Office in Teachout-Price at ext. 5210.

Additional questions?

Contact the Vice President and Dean of Students Office at ext. 5233.

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