Placement Exams

Placement Exam Instruction Guide - Provides information, tips, and frequently asked questions regarding the exams.

Foreign Language Placement Exam*

Hiram College has a foreign language requirement of successful completion through the 101 and 102 class levels. The placement exam is given in a proctored setting during orientation sessions.

  1. If you have taken French, Spanish, German, Russian, or Chinese during high school, please be prepared to take a placement exam during orientation. Note: If you place well enough, you may be exempted from one or both classes.
  2. Transfer students with a grade of C or better in 2 college semesters of an single foreign language will have satisfied the foreign language requirement. If you have taken only one semester of a language and received a C or better, you will need to take a second semester of that language at the 102 level to satisfy the requirement.
  3. Students who have taken, or are fluent in, a language other than those listed in item 1. above should consult with the Foreign Language Department chairperson about satisfying the requirement.

Math Placement Exam Instructions*

The Math Placement exam is divided into three sections. All three sections are required. Plan on a 2-3 hour period of uninterrupted time to take these exams. You may only attempt to take the exams once. Please click on the Create an Account  button to begin. If you do not have your Hiram Student ID available, you can create a temporary one using your first and last initials combined with your birthday (AAMMDDYYYY).  For any questions or problems with the exam, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 330.569.5233.

+ Math Placement Test

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