Meet the Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants help integrate new students into the Hiram community through their work with First Year Colloquium and Writing Seminar courses. These peer assistants will come to class, participate in discussions and review rough drafts. They also are resources to assist students in such areas as time management, study skills, and serve as a liaison between other offices who can give more specific support.


Whitney Adams

The Human Body In Art


Courtney Freyhauf

Oh the Places You'll Go!

Molly Reising

Food for Thought


Victoria Angelo

Elements of the Kitchen

Preshus Hawthorne

Rebels/Reformers in US History

Kristen Schroll

Playing Indian

Mackenzie Barry



Alys Dutton

What's Alive, Green & Sacred All Over?

Robin Singleton


Natasha Blonsky

Dr. Suess, Nixon and the Cold War

Ashley Jerman

Learning to Read the World

Katelyn Mauch

Solving the Crime   

Heather Brant

Sluts, Nuts and Gangsters

Lisa Lazar

Pros and Cons of Immortality

Tom Monah

The American Mosaic - Part I

Preston Caldwell

Finding Nemo: Staying Motivated

Samantha Mullenax

Why We Wear What We Wear

Mila Titova

I Will Know It When I See

 Carly Daniels

The Games People Play

Tom Pantic

Landscape of Belief

Christopher Treadwell

Who Is A Person?

John Enasko

Where in the World is Hiram?

Robin Peshick

Black and White Soldiers of the Civil War 

Joshua Turner

Sociology of Sex, Love, Relationships

Meredith Fitschen-Brown

Music in a Changing World


Makenzi Bolyard-Pizana 

Dangerous Youth

Emily Mortimer

Evidence Based Medicine

Nefertiti Karismaida

Current Socio Economic Issues and Problems


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