Meet the Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants help integrate new students into the Hiram community through their work with First Year Colloquium and Writing Seminar courses. These peer assistants will come to class, participate in discussions and review rough drafts. They also are resources to assist students in such areas as time management, study skills, and serve as a liaison between other offices who can give more specific support.


Victoria Angelo

Elements of the Kitchen


Brittany Baeder

Where the Wild Things Are

Heather Brant

The Meaning of Life


Colin Brothers

The Art of Making Dough

William Freeman


Mackenzi Bolyard-Pizana

Your Music, Your World

Kara Hokes

Victorian Sci-Fi


Kayla Kennedy

Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness

Emily Mortimer

Science vs. Pseudoscience

Taisa Chirovsky

Myth of the Self-Made American

Robin Peshick

Comics and the Nuclear Age

Hamza Raja

Soul, Sex, and Supernatural   

Renee Pengov

The Human Body in Art

Cole Soldo

Ethics in US Foreign Policy

Maya Watkins

The Search for the Holy Grail


Pearlresia Alexander

The Sociology of Sex, Love and Relationships












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