Meet the Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants help integrate new students into the Hiram community through their work with First Year Colloquium and Writing Seminar courses. These peer assistants will come to class, participate in discussions and review rough drafts. They also are resources to assist students in such areas as time management, study skills, and serve as a liaison between other offices who can give more specific support.

Mackenzie Barry

Why Do We Wear Clothing

Owen Schoeniger

Why Are We Here (Practical Liberal Arts)

Jessica Bessner

Plugged In:  Growing Up with Electronics

Noah Sittler

The Human Body in Art

Tricia Bohls

The Science of Being Human

Majdal Sobeh

Globalization and American Pop Culture

Nan Hu

The American Mosaic - Part 1

Taylor Stott

Black and White Soldiers of the Civil War

Starlene Hunter

Search for the Holy Grail

Nana Takyi-Micah

Money, Sex and Conspiracy Theory

Ashley Jerman

Freak, Gimp, Crazy, Crip

Cara Tompot

Elements of the Kitchen

Megan McNulty

The Art of Making Dough

Shane Young

International Terrorism

Marcus Murphy

Human Rights View of Social Networks

To Be Determined

Medicine and Rhetoric

Amberly Neice

Science vs. Psuedoscience

To Be Determined

Becoming Men in the New Nation

Bobby Noel

Music in a Changing World









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