Institute Days

First Year Institute Days - Thursday, August 25 - Sunday, August 28

Sample New Institute Schedule

In August, you will return to campus for First Year Student Institute. This is a three-day series of programs focused on exploring campus life and the various aspects of college. Throughout the four days, you will attend social activities, gather information about college resources, and learn what is expected of you as a Hiram College Community member. You will meet many other new students and interact with our upper-class student leaders. Prepare yourself for four days of exciting, interactive activities. You may even be a part of a square dance!

During Institute, you will also attend your colloquium class or your writing seminar (WSEM). The Colloquia and WSEM are a series of seminars on special topics across the liberal arts and sciences, designed to continue growth in college-level writing and oral communications. Each Colloquium or WSEM group consists of 12 to 16 students, an upper-classman teaching assistant, and a professor. This Colloquium or WSEM group serves as the first step in the transition to college life.

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