Robin Shura

Associate Professor

B.A., Kent State University
M.A., Case Western Reserve University
Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

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Teaching Philosophy

As an educator in a field I love, I seek to challenge students of sociology to see anew the relationships, experiences, and layers of social contexts that have influenced them and others. I see great value in having sociology students grapple with how theoretical arguments, robust forms of data, and diverse methodologies are and can be utilized by sociologists to gain new and often unsettling knowledge about macro-level structures and patterns in society, and about human experiences and meanings. Equally, I see great value in encouraging impassioned, systematic and critical curiosity about social worlds on local, national and global scales, and about the social diversity and social inequality that make our subject matter so fascinating and so challenging. Key skills required and developed within sociology include critical thinking, solid writing, analysis, communication, and application of knowledge through research and community engagement.

“The fascination of sociology lies in the fact that its perspective makes us see in a new light the very world in which we have lived all our lives.”

–Peter Berger, in ‘Invitation to Sociology’ (1963)


  • Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina, Postdoctoral Scholar, October, 2009 – August 2010
  • Case Western Reserve University, Ph.D. (Sociology), January 2010
  • Case Western Reserve University, M.A. (Sociology), May 2006
  • Kent State University, B.A. (Sociology & Russian), May 2001

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Social Problems
  • Sociology of Human Development
  • Sociology of Health, Illness and Health Care
  • Sociology: Youth and Society
  • Diverse Experiences of Youth (Freshman Colloquium)
  • Childhood and Poverty in Hispaniola (Interdisciplinary)
  • Sociology of Age, Aging and the Life Course
  • Sociology of Institutionalized Long-term Care
  • Sociological Theory

Fields of Interest

  • Medical Sociology
  • Age, Aging and the Life Course
  • Children and Childhood
  • Social Inequalities
  • Sociological Theory
  • Quantitative, Qualitative, and Participatory Methods

Selected Publications and Conference Presentations

  • Shura, Robin, and Rachel Bryant. (forthcoming). Aging and the Life Course. In David Brunsma, Keri Iyall-Smith, and Brian Gran (Eds.), Handbook of Sociology of Human Rights (Chapter 2). Paradigm Publishers.
  • Shura, Robin, Rebecca Siders, and Dale Dannefer. (2011). Culture Change in Long-term Care: Participatory Action Research and the Role of the Resident. The Gerontologist (journal of the Gerontological Society of America, Oxford Journals, a division of Oxford University Press), 51 (2), 212-225.
  • Dannefer, Dale, and Robin Shura. (2009). Experience, Social Structure and Later Life: Meaning and Old Age in an Aging Society. In Peter Uhlenberg (Ed.), International Handbook of Population Aging (pp. 747-755). Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer.
  • Dannefer, Dale, and Robin Shura. (2008). The Missing Person: Some Limitations in the Contemporary Study of Cognitive Aging. In Duane Alwin and Scott Hofer (Eds.), International Handbook of Cognitive Aging (pp. 105-119). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • Shura, Robin. "Intercountry Adoption and World Systems: Family Development, Humanitarianism, and the Commodification of Children." Annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, August, 2011. Las Vegas, NV.
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