Dual Degree: Physics

For an engineering student who would like to major in physics, a typical 3 year schedule would be:


Fall 12-Week

Fall 3-Week

Spring 12-Week

Spring 3-Week


Physics 213 (Phys. I)

Math 198 (Calc. I)

Freshman Colloquium

Distribution Req.

Physics 214 (Phys. II) & 250 (1 hr)

Math 199 (Calc. II)

First Year Seminar

Physics 225 (Electronics)


Physics 320 (Modern Phys)

Math 200 (Calc. III)

Distribution Req.

Physics 330 (Mechanics)

Upper level PHYS

Distribution Req.

Distribution Req.

Math 218 (Linear Alg.)


Distribution Req.

Distribution Req.

Chem. 120 (Gen Chem I)

Math 243 (Diff. Eq.)

Upper level PHYS

Cpsc. 170 & 172.

Chem. 121 (Gen Chem II)


Since some courses are offered on a rotating basis, a student's actual schedule may vary slightly from the above example.  Note that in order to meet Hiram College's graduation requirements, it may be necessary to structure a Student Initiated Collegium so that each of the three courses may also be counted toward the Distribution Requirement.  It is VERY important that this be done the freshman year so that other courses can be adjusted accordingly.  See Dr. Van Wormer to discuss the possibilities.

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