Davina J. Gosnell, Ph.D.

Retired Professor and Founding Nursing Program Director

Diploma, Massillon City Hospital School of Nursing
B.S.N., University of Pittsburgh
M.S., The Ohio State University
Ph.D., The Ohio State University

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Sample syllabus: Nursing 30100


Dr. Davina Gosnell was appointed Professor + Founding Nursing Program Director at Hiram College in August 2006.  She previously served as Dean of the Kent State University College of Nursing, one of the largest and best-known programs in the Midwest. The Ohio Nurses Association Excellence in Nursing Education Administration Award is included in Dr. Gosnell's many professional accolades, and she is a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing. An experienced educational administrator and teacher of nursing students, she is also a talented researcher who developed the Gosnell Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment Tool.

Starting the Hiram College nursing program serves as the capstone for Davina Gosnell's long and distinguished career. Her professional connections and leadership positions in nursing provide Hiram's nursing program with the cornerstone for success.

"The Hiram College nursing program is both very intriguing and attractive. It is an opportunity to make a unique and important difference in the future of nursing education."

Classes Taught

  • Professional Nursing I, II, III
  • Adult Wellness
  • Global Health Issues
  • Health in a Developing Country (Study Abroad)

Areas of Interest

  • Gerontological Nursing
  • Pressure Ulcer Assessment and Prevention
  • Curriculum and Evaluation
  • Health Policy
  • Global Health

Professional Experience (Full-Time)

  • Staff Nurse, Massillon City Hospital, Massillon, Ohio.
  • Assistant Instructor, Presbyterian University Hospital School of Nursing, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Instructor, Presbyterian University Hospital School of Nursing, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Consultant and Supervisor, Home Health Services, Ohio Department of Health, Columbus, Ohio.
  • Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, Professor and Dean, Kent State University, School of Nursing, Kent, Ohio.
  • Professor and Founding Director, Hiram College, Department of Nursing, Hiram.

Professional Experience (Part-Time)

  • Staff Nurse, Passavant Hospital, Geriatric Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1965-68.
  • Data Collector, American Institute for Research, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1966-68.
  • Staff Nurse, University of Pittsburgh, Student Health Services, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1966-67.
  • Instructor, Passavant Hospital School of Practical Nursing, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1968-69.
  • First Lieutenant/Captain, United States Air Force Reserves, (promoted 1970), 1969-75.
  • Staff Nurse, First Community Village Convalescent & Retirement Center, Columbus, Ohio,1970-73.
  • Consultant, W. L. Ganong Co., Health Care Management Consultants, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1978-86.
  • Consultant, World Health Organization, Regional Office of the Western Pacific, Manila, Philippines, Consultant to Senior nursing personnel via government of Papua New Guinea, 1979.
  • Consultant, World Health Organization, European Regional Office, Copenhagen, Denmark, Consultant to Medium-Term Program in Nursing Midwifery in Europe, 1982.
  • International Initiatives Consultant, Kent State University, Office of Provost, Kent, Ohio, 2004-05.
  • MPH Program Director, Kent State University, College of Fine & Professional Arts, Kent, Ohio, 2004-06.
  • Guest Lecturer (2005) and Visiting Professor (2007-10), University of Zambia (UNZA), Post Basic Nursing Program, School of Medicine, Lusaka, Zambia.


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Recent Refereed Presentations

  • (2011, April) McClung, EL., Gosnell, DJ. "Teaching Global Health: A Case  Study  of Zambia". Poster Presentation. Ohio League for Nursing Summit. Columbus, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio (R)
  • (2011, April) Gosnell, DJ, McClung, EL. "Learning Empathy in Healthcare: The Outcome of a Study Abroad Experience for Students". Poster Presentation, Robinson Memorial Hospital, 17th Annual Research Day, Ravenna, Ohio.

Awards, Fellowships and Honors

  • Sigma Theta Tau International National Nursing Honorary Life Member, Epsilon Chapter, Inducted April, 1970. Charter Member, Delta Xi Chapter, 1979; Nominee for Mary Toller Wright Award, May 1983; Delta Xi Chapter Service Award - February 1985; April, 1995; Delta Xi Chapter Distinguished Service Award, April, 2004
  • World Health Organization Travel Study Fellowship awarded for study of the National Health Service, Health Services for the Elderly, and Great Britain's Open University, 1974
  • Recipient of an Eight and Forty Scholarship Presented by the Salon National La Boutique, Subsidiary of the American Legion Auxiliary, 1976
  • Recipient of Nurses' Educational Funds Awards C. V. Mosby Co. Scholarship and American Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 1977
  • Ohio Nurses' Association Continuing Education Recognition Award, 1979Ohio Nurses' Association Diamond Jubilee Service Award, 1979
  • Massillon Community Hospital School of Nursing, First Distinguished Alumni Award, 1979
  • Delta Kappa Gamma, Gamma Upsilon Chapter, National Education Honorary, Inducted April, 1981
  • Ohio League for Nursing, Award for Excellence, October, 1982
  • Sigma Phi Omega, National Academic Honor & Professional Society in Gerontology, Inducted April, 1984
  • Dorothy Royce Award for Outstanding Contribution to Home Health Care in Ohio, Ohio Council of Home Health Agencies, September, 1985
  • The Gerontology Society of America. Post-doctoral Fellowship in Applied Gerontology Research, 1987
  • Brewster High School, Honored Graduate for Outstanding Achievements, 1990
  • American Academy of Nursing: Fellow, Inducted October, 1990Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society for International Scholars, Inducted April, 1991
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing, Distinguished Alumni Award, 1993
  • Ohio Nurses Association, Excellence in Nursing Education Administration Award, 1995
  • Alpha Lambda Delta, National Honor Society for Freshmen, Honorary Member, Inducted April, 1996
  • Ohio Nurses Association, Cornelius Leadership Congress, Inducted 1998Professional Women of KSU, Distinguished Woman Award, April 1999
  • Women of Professional Excellence, Akron YWCA Women of Achievement Award, 2001
  • Summit Portage District Ohio Nurses Association, Jeanette Wooding Leadership & Service Award, May 2003
  • Women's History Project of Greater Akron, Nominee for Woman of the Year Award, March, 2004
  • Delta Kappa Gamma Society, International, Alpha Delta State. A. Margaret Boyd Overseas Fellowship Award, June 2004
  • African Community Association, Social Responsibility Award, November 2004
  • The Ohio State University College of Nursing, Distinguished Alumni Award, April 2005
  • Hiram College, Garfield Society Fellow, Inducted, October 2008
  • The Ohio State University College of Nursing, Mildred E. Newton Distinguished Educator Award, September 2010

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