Degree Programs

Hiram College is fully accredited by The National Association of Schools of Music.

The Department of Music offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. Available specialties are:

  • Music in Liberal Studies
  • Music Performance

Students may also minor in music.

Music in Liberal Studies

This flexible program is for those who want to study music while preparing for other careers, and those who intend to pursue graduate study and professional activity in music (arts administration, music librarianship, therapy, church music, music publishing and editing, etc.). There is broad and possibly interdisciplinary coverage, dependent on needs and objectives of the student. It has reduced core requirements and can be a second major.

Music Performance

This track is for students with a high degree of performing ability and potential for artistic growth. It can lead to professional performance or graduate school. Areas include:

  • Voice
  • Keyboard (piano, organ, harpsichord)
  • Strings (including harp and guitar)
  • Woodwinds (including recorder)
  • Brasses
  • Percussion

Music Minor

Students can easily acquire a minor by taking music theory 121, 122; two music history classes chosen from 201, 202, 203; and four semesters of lessons and ensemble participation.

Course Offerings

Students from all disciplines find a wide variety of courses offered by the Department of Music. Examples are:

  • Introduction to Music
  • Drums, Songs, and Spirits: World Music
  • Survey of American Music
  • Women in Music
  • African Music
  • Rhythm and Revolt: History of Rock & Roll
  • Musical Theatre
  • Music Technology: Midi and Computer Music

The department offers off campus programs, in Ireland and New Orleans, and interdisciplinary classes.

  • Music and War
  • Art and Music from Renaissance to Modern Age
  • Irish Music and Celtic Myth

Majors, minors, and others interested in specialized courses may take

  • Music Theory
  • Music History and Literature
  • Conducting
  • Orchestration and Arranging
  • Composition
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Possible Courses

  • Fundamentals of Music
  • Survey of American Music
  • Rhythm and Revolt
  • African American Music
  • The Musician as Entrepreneur

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available in:

  • voice
  • keyboard
  • wind
  • string
  • percussion instruments
  • guitar (classical, jazz, folk)
  • banjo
  • mandolin
  • recorder
  • Irish whistle

A half-hour lesson each week equals one hour of academic credit.  One-hour lessons (2 academic credits per term) are available by special permission, usually for performance majors.  Class lessons in piano and guitar are also offered for beginners.