Spanish for the Professions Minor

The Spanish for the Professions minor prepares students to communicate and make decisions in a global world.

The Spanish for Professions minor emphasizes the circumstances in which students may be expected to use the Spanish language in the workplace. Doctors and nurses, business men and women, teachers and more, are all increasingly expected to communicate with diverse constituents, and the Spanish for the Professions minor gives Hiram Colleges students a leg up on their competition when entering the workforce.

The Spanish for the Professions minor has the same basic requirements as the standard Spanish minor: 18 credit hours beyond Spanish 201 (Intermediate Spanish I). For the Professions minor, four of those 18 credit hours must include the following one-credit courses:

  • Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
  • Spanish for Business
  • Spanish for Translation
  • One of the following: Advanced Spanish for Healthcare Professionals, Advanced Spanish for Business, Advanced Spanish Translation.

A student need not declare a minor in Spanish or Spanish for the Professions to take the above courses. The only requirement is that a student has taken or is currently enrolled in Spanish 202 or placed out of S202 in the placement exam.

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