Catherine Erbes

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Carleton College, B.A.
Indiana University, M.A.
University of Colorado Denver, Ph.D.  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Academic interests: research focuses include structural and extremal graph theory, particularly degree sequences of graphs and hypergraphs, as well as graph saturation and games on graphs. 


 S. Behrens, C. Erbes, M. Santana, D. Yager, E. Yeager. Graphs with induced-saturation number zero, Electronic J. Comb. 23 (1) (2016) P1.54, 23pp.

S. Behrens, C. Erbes, M. Ferrara, S. Hartke, B. Reiniger, H. Spinoza, C. Tomlinson. New results on degree sequences of uniform hypergraphs, Electronic J. Comb. 20 (4) (2013) P14,

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