In the interest of ensuring that our students obtain the practical skills necessary for intellectual and professional success, an Internship Experience (EVST 49800) is a key part of the Environmental Studies major. 

 In consultation with their major adviser, students identify internships that align with their emphasis and particular interests. To complete the Internship Experience, students create summaries of their internship activities and accomplishments and present them via a formal poster session.  This not only enhances awareness on campus about the important work students are doing, but it also provides valuable practice presenting at a conference-like setting. 

Altogether, our majors have participated in an exceptionally wide variety of internship experiences at numerous locations across the region and nation.  There are, at times, opportunities for paid internships at Hiram's James H. Barrow Field Station.  Recent internship opportunities there include:Climate Change, Resource Availability, and Reproductive Success of Migratory Songbirds; Edge Effects in a South-Facing Successional Beech-Maple Forest; and Permaculture Assessment and Design.








Featured Internship

Permaculture at the Bunkhouse

by Shova Ale Magar and Rob Maganja

PERMACULTURE is a set of principles and practices for designing sustainable human settlements that was recently introduced to Hiram College by Dr. Debbie Kasper, sociologist and Associate Professor of Environmental Studies.  During the summer of 2012, Hiram College provided internships in Permaculture for two Environmental Studies students, Shova Ale Magar and Rob Maganja.

In the span of 10 weeks, the two of us worked on beautifying the exterior of the Bunkhouse....[click here to read more about our project.]


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