There's always a lot going on at Hiram, and in the region!  Environmental Studies faculty and students are especially active in hosting, co-hosting, and attending various events.  Below is a select list of some of what's coming up...and a little scrapbook of what we've done. 



A student-sponsored Earth Day extravaganza!

Our first annual Environment and Society Forum with Joel Salatin was a great success and a whole lot of fun!  Salatin visited classes, shared meals, talked with area farmers, and gave a rousing evening lecture.  Thanks to all who helped make it happen!





A group of students and faculty ventured out to Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, to see David Suzuki accept the Inamori Ethics Prize on Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012.  A passionate environmentalist, a global leader on issues of sustainable ecology and social justice, and a long time activist working to address climate change, Suzuki is a powerful voice on behalf of biodiversity, future generations and the planet.


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