Faculty and Staff

The faculty teaching English and Creative Writing are closely affiliated with Hiram's Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature. They are committed teachers who are grounded in their disciplines but also interested in developing new courses that have an innovative and distinctive edge. In addition to traditional survey courses in British, American, and World literature, for example, the faculty offer classes in the Border Trilogy of Cormac McCarthy, Appalachian Literature, Noir Detective Fiction, Native American Studies, Western Reserve Literature and Architecture, Black Manhattan and the Harlem Renaissance, and Jane Austen. Writing courses are deeply grounded in craft, and writing faculty teach all major genres at introductory and advanced levels in workshop format, including fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and screenwriting. To enhance foundation courses, subgenre or pre-professional courses are also taught, including Comics as Art and Literature, Writing about Food, Writing about Nature, Travel Writing, Literary Journalism, Memoir, Professional Editing (in which students edit and lay out a book), and Grammar and Style for Writers.

Faculty are serious writers themselves, believing strongly that practicing the craft they teach is integral to the instruction of their students. They have published prize-winning books in poetry, memoir, and literary studies, along with poems and essays in anthologies such as Cradles of Conscience, After the Bell, Body Outlaws, What's Normal, Medieval Romance, Catalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts, American Masculinities, On the Wing, Cleveland in Poetry and Prose. Their poems and essays have appeared in magazines and journals such as North American Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Seneca Review, Midwestern Folklore, Iowa Review, Black Warrior Review, Crab Orchard Review, Mid-American Review, FIELD, M/MLA Journal, High Plains Literary Review, cream city review, and American Angler.

The assistants to the Lindsay-Crane include Sarah Bianchi, Assistant Director, and Jenifer Warren, Development Officer for the Center.

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