China Journals

Shruti Kommareddy

"This trip gave me lots of memories. All the memories I have as a result of this trip, are ones I know I will cherish. When I had first signed up for this trip, I had just expected to learn about a new place and have fun with my old friends. I never thought I would leave this country as somewhat of a different person with new friends. I guess what I am trying to say is that coming on this trip was the best decision of my life because I had the best time of my life and if presented with the opportunity, I would do it all over again...except this time I would exercise for the 12 weeks before the trip so that I would be ready for the physical demands of the trip."

"This morning, during class, we were asked to look back on our whole trip and choose our favorite city and favorite activity and even though I had chosen an answer for each, the truth is that the trip wouldn't have been the same without all the cities we visited or the activities we did. Sure there were certain ones that were better than the others, but almost every aspect of the trip was worth it. There was something I loved about every city, and something I liked about every activity, so it's hard to choose just one. We talked a lot about how this trip should be changed in the future, and almost everyone said that the number of days spent in each city should be changed, but as far as I remember, no one said that we should skip a city/activity and to me this says that everything we did played an important role in understanding the goal/topic of this course, the traditions and change in China."

Cory Yeagley

"If you asked me what I felt the best thing about this trip was, I would absolutely have to say being able to experience an entirely new place and all it had to offer with an amazing group of people I came to know extremely well. Here we were twenty students, each studying a variety of different majors and coming from different backgrounds and upbringings, and yet even though we all came with specific ideas of what we hoped to see and learn, we all experienced it together and never failed to help each other out because it just seemed like the natural thing to do. For me being one of the only students on this trip who commutes to Hiram, I got to hear so much about a few people I had never even encountered on campus before besides just in passing. I am coming away with the fact that I opened myself up to other people and found I have so much in common with all of these people and can identify with each of them in some form. This trip is not an opportunity that you can get presented with at any time and even though I had my fears and apprehensions just like everyone else, I am walking away from it, viewing it as truly a life changing experience that I will remember for years to come."

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