Julie Maxson

Research and Teaching Research Professional

114 Colton Hall
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University of Dayton (Biology), B.S. /M.S.
Purdue University (Plant Molecular Biology), Ph.D.
Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute (Cell Biology), Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Courses Taught

  • Bio 230 Molecular and Cell Biology lab
  • Bio 365 Genetics lab
  • Bio 378 Immunology (lecture and lab)
  • Bio 380 Cancer Biology (lecture and lab)

Research Interests

I am very interested in studying the process of programmed cell death (PCD).  PCD is a genetically controlled event that occurs in all multicellular organisms. It is required for proper development and tissue homeostasis. In humans, defective processes in PCD are implicated in the onset of multiple diseases, including cancers.  I am currently investigating the effects of novel plant bioactive components on gene expression patterns in leukemia cell PCD (specifically apoptosis-related genes) as well as on myeloid progenitor cell differentiation.  Both of these strategies can be used as effective therapies against certain leukemias.

Personal Interests

Being a Biology geek, I love to be outside and try to spend as much time as possible with my family (including my pets) appreciating nature.  We enjoy hiking, camping (at least our version of it) and traveling, especially to beautiful beaches.  I am also active in sporting and musical events with my three children who are proof that talent is usually not inherited.


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