What can I do with a biology degree from Hiram College?

The biology curriculum at Hiram College and the hands-on research opportunities that span a broad range of disciplines within the biological sciences prepare our students for a wide-range of career paths. Our students have pursued careers in federal government agencies, public health, and veterinary sciences, as well as science education. Many of our students choose to attend professional or graduate school after graduation. However, students can also pursue biology careers right after graduating from Hiram. Many students conduct internships or apprenticeships for their APEX projects which often lead to job opportunities. Here are some examples of professional positions our alumni, as well as a few examples of graduate schools attended by  recent alums.

Professional positions

• Endocrinologist in community health
• Researching waterfowl ecology for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources
• Researcher at the International Crane Foundation in Wisconsin
• Anesthesiologist
• Physical therapist
• Ph.D. candidate in ecology at the University of Minnesota
• Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
• M.D. at the University of Pennsylvania with a rural medicine scholarship

Examples of graduate schools attended by recent alumni

  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Cornell University
  • Duke University
  • Universitat Freiburg
  • University of Pennsylvania


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