Devlin Geroski

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Debbie Kasper

Dr. Kasper is an environmental sociologist who teaches a wide array of courses at Hiram (including: Environmental Sociology, Permaculture, Transitions in Human Settlements, The Sociology of Food, and more). 

Nate Frances

Nate Frances '14 is an environmental studies and religious studies major, from Shalersville, Ohio.

Bryan Nemire

Bryan Nemire '13 is an environmental studies and biology Major, from Berlin Heights, Ohio.

Sarah Mabey

Sarah Mabey is Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Environmental Studies Program.  Professor Mabey teaches courses related to her training in conservation biology and her diverse interests in environmental studies (Conservation Biology, Humans and the Environment, Ornithology/Field Ornithology, Wildlife Management, and Wildlife Rehabilitation as well as topical seminars on climate change and campus sustainability).

Marissa Diliberto

Marissa Diliberto is a senior Studio Art major at Hiram College.  She enjoys drawing, painting, and printmaking. Lately, artists that inspire her are Takashi Murakami and Jenny Saville. When she is not in the studio, Marissa loves watching Face Off and Project Runway.  After graduating in May, Marissa intends to pursue a teaching degree.  Check out some of her artwork at:

Niesha Zeigler

Niesha Zeigler is an art major with a focus on digital photography. Since the eleventh grade, she has been intrigued with photographing people “ I love capturing genuine emotions of people and the reality of their lives. Photography is my way of showing that life itself is a work of art. I also love drawing and graphic design, learning about different cultures, listening to Korean pop music, watching dramas, playing video games, trying ethnic foods, traveling, baking, and practicing martial arts.”

Marjorie Billock

Marjorie Billock is a Registered Nurse at the Hiram College Health Center.

Courtney Freyhauf

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Mariah Geitgey

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Nefertiti Karismaida

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Caitlin Joseph

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Caroline Georskey

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Simon Bednarski

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Matthew Thompson

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