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Living On

In the years since Grace Chamberlain and Andy Hopkins died, their memories continue to live on.

The Grace Chamberlain Prize in Creative Writing and the Andrew Hopkins Prize for Outstanding Instrumentalist scholarships were established in their names and are regularly awarded to Hiram College students.

Grace and Andy's deaths were also the catalyst for Senate Bill 17, which passed in 2008. The law requires repeat drunk driving offenders to submit to a breath-alcohol test if they are suspected of driving while drunk. Until this law passed, they could refuse the test when pulled over.

Grace and Andy died as a result of a car accident in which their car was struck by James Cline, an 11-time convicted drunken driver. His blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit at the time of the crash. Grace died instantly, while Andy lived for 11 days before dying from his injuries. Evan DaSilva, also a Hiram College student, was seriously injured, but survived the crash.


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Grace Chamberlain Prize in Creative Writing

  • Sarah Shearer and Spencer Goodheart (2016)
  • Maya Watkins and Brittany Mylant (2015)
  • Tom Pantic (2014)
  • Matt Margo (2013)
  • Nick Sawatsky (2012)
  • Brendan Curtin (2011)
  • Rachel Purta (2010)
  • Sarah Pavolko (2009)
  • Myles Wallace (2008)
  • Dominique Blanc (2007)

Andrew Hopkins Prize for Outstanding Instrumentalist

  • Meredith Fitschen-Brown (2016)
  • Emily Marsteller 2015
  • Tomoyuki Fujimoto (2014)
  • Bobby Noel (2013)
  • Brian Shivers (2012)
  • Eileen Russell (2011)
  • Soya Hirano (2010)
  • Andrew Cade (2009)
  • Daniel Berman (2008)
  • Rachel Inks (2007)