3 Year Degree Programs

Student Development Classes

Student Development courses are taught by members of the Student Life staff.  These courses compliment a students co-curricular experience and help students develop invaluable skills such as communication, teamwork, awareness of self and others, ethical decision making, and many more life skills.

The courses offered are:

  • STDV 193: Money: Financial Survival 
  • STDV 6000: Peer Mentoring in Leadership 
  • STDV 6001: Peer Mentoring: Strive for Pi
  • STDV 602: International Student Transitions 
  • STDV 605: Successful Transitions
  • STDV 608: Experiments in Effective Learning
  • STDV 610: Exploring Majors and Careers 
  • STDV 611: Job Search Skills/Putting Your Major to Work
  • STDV 612: Steps to Grad School 
  • STDV 630: Honest Conversations
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