2016 Student Leadership Awards 

The Student Leadership Awards are where we recognize the deserving individuals who have worked so hard to keep students engaged on this campus all year long. Here at Hiram we know that student engagement and participation in activities is what keeps this campus alive. This engagement teaches you real life skills outside the classroom, helps create a personal experience for other students on campus, and most of all creates wonderful college memories to share with others.

We will be recognizing these leaders in different categories of awards:

  • Student Organization Awards
  • Program Awards
  • Individual Leader Awards
  • Who’s Who in American Colleges

Organization and Individual Awards are chosen from the nominees by a committee of Faculty and Staff. Program Awards have three nominees selected by the committee of Faculty and Staff and then those nominees are chosen by a popular vote by the students. 

Nominate for the Hiram College 2016 Student Leadersip Awards. Below you will find the award categories and the Wufoo forms to nominate deserving individuals and organizations.  


The following awards are presented at this ceremony:


Individual Leader Awards – These awards recognize excellent individuals in leadership.


·         Unsung Student Leader

·         Outstanding Senior Female Leader of the Year

·         Outstanding Senior Male Leader of the Year


Student Organization Awards – These awards recognize the student organizations who rise to the top on campus.


·         Most Improved Student Organization

·         Student Organization of the Year

·         Student Organization Advisor of the Year


Program Awards – These awards go to an all-campus program or event that made a major impact on campus put on by a club or individual.


·         Learning Program

·         Community Program

·         Responsibility Program

·         Diversity Program

·         Innovation Program

·         Program of the Year


Nominations are due by Friday April 1st 2016 at 5 p.m. The Student Leader Awards Banquet and Ceremony will be held on Sunday May 8th at 6pm and is by invite only. All nominees and nominators are invited to the ceremony followed by student leaders on campus. There will be heavy appetizers and the recognition of the great work done throughout the year.


Nominate yourself or another leader today!



Award 2015 Nominees 2015 Recipient 
Student Organization Advisor of the Year  Mike Corr Mike Corr
Most Improved Student Organization of the Year  Student Athletic Advisory Committee Terrier Activities Board
  Lambda Lambda Lambda  
  Terrier Activities Board  
  Student Senate   
  Chemistry Club   
Student Organization of the Year  Hiram Writers Association Social Justice Warriors 
  Social Justice Warriors  
  Colleges Against Cancer  
  Terrier Activities Board  
  Student Senate  
Unsung Student Leader  Matthew Thompson Anne Riddle
  Nina Lester  
  Anne Riddle  
  Jason Close  
  Taylor Gibbons  
Outstanding Senior Male  Joshua Turner Nick Sebastian 
  Nick Sebastian  
  Ronald DeAmicis   
  Preston Caldwell   
  Benjamin Behanna  
  Jabez Patterson   
Outstanding Senior Female  Samantha Huges Nicki Pueyo Svoboda 
  Tiffany Marchewka   
  Alys Dutton  
  Emily Moore  
  Su Latt  
  Nicki Pueyo Svoboda   
  Rosa Gomez  


   Nominees    2015 Recipient 
Learning Program  Grad School Lunch  AIBS Social Justice Warriors 
  What is Islamophbia? Social Justice Warriors   
  Green Week Active Minds   
Community Program  Laser Tag TASC Force TASC Force
  Post Secret Active Minds  
  Green Week Active Minds   
Responsibility Program  Beat Bullying Chris Petri  Terrier Activities Board
  Study A Thon  Terrier Activities Board  
  Candle Light Vigil for Victims of Police Brutality  Social Justice Warriors   
Diversity Program  Netfest The NET Intercultural Forum 
  Selma Movie Screening and Discussion Social Justice Warriors and African American Students United   
  IF Dinner and Show Intercultural Forum   
Innovation Program  Annual Step Show  Kappa Sigma Pi  Chemistry Club
  Sweet Side of Chemistry Chemistry Club  
  Reaper Rave Hiram Writers Association   
Program of the Year  Selma Movie Screening and Discussion Social Justice Warriors and African American Students United  Activie Minds 
  Café Hiram Terrier Activities Board   
  Green Week Activie Minds   
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