Application Process for Overseas U.S. Citizens/LPRs



First Year


Academic Credentials



Submitting Documents

The Application

First year and transfer candidates use the Common Application for Admission.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view/print the Common Application, its instructions and associated forms. Adobe Acrobat Reader and the Common Application site are available free of charge. You may open a secure Common Application account, navigate to the application and related forms, save drafts, and return to edit your forms as many times as you wish prior to submission.  Submit the application online or print a copy and send it by courier or post. Hiram does not require an application fee.

Hiram College bases admission on your prior academic preparation and performance, not your intended field of study. You may list your primary interest from among those you are considering or you may indicate you are undecided. After you arrive at Hiram, you may declare a major or change to a different major.

If you are unable to apply online or print the application and required forms, please use the Information Request link and specify that you need a paper application. We will send an application form as an email attachment or by post.

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Priority Dates for Application and Scholarship

Hiram College evaluates applications on the basis of rolling admission. Files are processed as they become complete and applicants who have submitted all required credentials may expect to receive an admission decision within two to three weeks.

The priority application date for the Eclectic Scholar Honors Program is January 15.

First-year students who are offered admission have until the Candidates Reply Date of May 1 to choose from among offers of admission and pay the $200 enrollment deposit.

Fall (August) Semester

  • October 1- Application processing begins
  • December 1 - Application deadline for Trustee and Presidential scholarship consideration
  • January 15 – Application deadline for Hiram Eclectic Scholar Honors Program
  • January 1-February 15 - File FAFSA for need-based financial aid
  • February 15 - Priority processing date for other scholarships
  • May 1 - Candidate's Reply Date – $200 Enrollment Deposit due

Spring (January) Semester

  • November 15 (suggested) - Priority application date
  • December 1 - $200 Enrollment deposit due

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First Year (Freshman) Application

Applicants for whom English is not the primary/first language should consult the Office of Admission about documenting English proficiency.

Applicants who are homeschooled should submit the home school supplement in place of the secondary school report.

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Transfer Application

  • Transfer Common Application 
  • Personal essay (minimum 250 words)
  • Post-secondary/university transcript(s)
  • Secondary school transcripts, lower secondary and senior secondary academic records, examination results, certificates and diplomas.
  • Documentation of English proficiency:  Only required from overseas candidates for whom English is not the primary/first language
  • One college instructor evaluation
  • Applicants will not be considered unless they have completed a minimum of 30 semester hours at their home institution prior to applying at Hiram College.

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Academic Credentials

  • Hiram College cannot return materials submitted as a part of the application process.
  • Documents such as transcripts, marks sheets, certificates and diplomas must be original or certified true copies sent directly from the issuing institution. We strongly recommend that candidates send certified true copies of irreplaceable documents. A certified true copy is a photocopy of the original official document to which a school, the Ministry of Education issuing the document, or a U.S. consular official has affixed his/her signature and/or official seal indication that it is an attested, true copy of the original document.
  • Documents not in English must be accompanied by literal translations. One of these must have an original school stamp/seal and signature on it certifying that it is a true copy.
  • If there is a concern regarding school documents, the admission office will contact school officials for clarification.


Submit evidence of successful progress toward or completion of secondary school. This can be documented with diplomas, certificates, and/or results of external or school leaving examinations appropriate to the secondary educational program. These may include, but are not limited to SSC/HSC, CXC, Advanced Subsidiary, A-level, WAEC, and other comparable measures.

If you are in the process of completing your final year and final documents and results are not yet available, Hiram will make the admission decision on the basis of current and predicted grades.  The school can report predicted grades on the international supplement to the secondary school report which is available on the Common Application website. Students admitted on the basis of predicted grades will be required to submit original/certified true copies of final credentials after they are issued.  If there are questions regarding credentials, please contact the admission office for clarification.


Post-Secondary/Institute/University records:

Applicants who have

  • attended post-secondary/university studies in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or at other  U.S.- based institutions worldwide, or
  • enrolled in Malaysian ADP programs or Singaporean polytechnics/universities, or
  • attended a non-U.S. based university and do not intend to seek transfer credit for previous post-secondary/university course work,

must arrange for Hiram College to receive original/certified true documents verifying completion of secondary studies and transcripts from all post-secondary institutions where they have been enrolled. Documents must be sent directly to Hiram from the issuing institution.

World Education Services Applicants seeking to transfer credit to Hiram College from non-U.S. based universities and post-secondary institutions/institutes must submit all original post-secondary and university credentials directly to World Education Service (WES) for a formal course-by-course evaluation. Applicants who have completed less than one year of full-time post-secondary study must also submit secondary school credentials directly to WES.  When submitting credentials to WES, you must request your evaluation be sent directly to Hiram College.  WES automatically forwards official copies of your academic documents to Hiram along with the evaluation. If using WES, please notify Hiram and do not submit post-secondary/university credentials directly to Hiram College. 

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A Secondary Teacher or Post-Secondary Instructor recommendation is required a faculty member who has taught you in academic subjects during the final two years of your education. If a candidate submits the application online through the Common Application, evaluators may submit their forms online. If the application is submitted by email or post, evaluators must submit their forms by post directly to the Office of Admission or give them to the candidate for posting in an envelope with the signature of the evaluator across the sealed flap.

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The SAT or ACT Reasoning Test is required except when the applicant meets one of the following criteria:

  • resides in a country where SAT and ACT are not administered
  • has completed one year or more of full-time university-level study
  • is required to enroll in English language support classes during the first year at Hiram or
  • holds one of the following (or a comparable credential as determined by the admission office):
    • STPM/Malaysia Higher School Certificate
    • GCE A-Level (three subjects and a general paper)
    • Singapore/Cambridge GCE Advanced Level (3 subjects)

SAT II subject examinations are not required.

Applicants for whom English is not the primary/first language should consult the Office of Admission about documenting English proficiency

  • TOEFL Score – PBT (500), CBT (173), or iBT (61)
  • IELTS - Band score 5.5
  • SAT - Critical Reading 460
  • ACT - English 22
  • A-Level English – Grade B

When registering for an examination, enter Hiram's institutional code number in the appropriate space to have a score report sent directly to the Hiram College from the testing agency.

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Addressing Correspondence

The following address can be used for international first-class post or courier:

Attn:  Frank Bowman,
Director of International Admission
Hiram College – Teachout-Price Hall
6832 Hinsdale Street-PO Box 96
Hiram, OH 44234

Phone: (cc: 1) 330.569.5169
Fax: (cc: 1) 330.569.5944

For questions or concerns, you may contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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