Life at Hiram

Thank you for attending
A Hiram Holiday, 2015!

Click here to view your photo station pictures.



1. CLICK HERE to visit our image gallery.

2. Scroll down on the page to find your image, and click on it. If you can't find your image while viewing the thumbnail versions, click the first image, and scroll through all the images using the arrows. 

3. Once you are on the page with your image, look toward the bottom right hand corner of the page within the black background (see blue arrow below). Click the last white icon to download the photo (the arrow pointing down).

4. A small white box will pop up, asking you which size image you would like to download
(see blue arrow below). We recommend selecting the "Large" or "Original" option.

5. If you are using a PC, you will be prompted to save or open the file. Choose "Open".
(Note: If you choose "Save" or if you are using a Mac, the photo will appear in your Downloads folder. You can open the photo from there, and then re-save it in whichever folder on your computer you prefer.)

6. Your photo will open in your computer's default photo software. From there, click the "Save" icon, or choose File, Save, to save the file in your preferred folder.

7. Use online software on in-store equipment to print your photos. Here are some recommendations: Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Shutterfly (online only). If you are bringing your photo into a store to print, save it to a jump drive as well.


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