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Today’s blog is a guest post by Amanda Perry. Amanda is a co-owner of Skill of Strength, a gym and training facility in North Chelmsford, with her husband where she trains clients, teaches adult group training classes and facilitates online nutrition groups.

I’ve been reading a lot about self-compassion lately. I think most of us would agree that we can all be nicer…to others, and to ourselves!

I recently shared some of my own body-image issues. During that time, I wasn’t as nice to myself.

Fortunately, once I felt better, I gave myself a break and started being more self-compassionate again. What a relief! Man, it’s tiring being rude to yourself!

The way I talk about myself (and to myself!) has improved significantly as I’ve grown up. I wrote awhile ago about the fat jar and how much better my life became after ditching the fat talk!

That’s right, I don’t call myself fat…or at least I do my very best to eliminate that nonsense completely.

Fat talk doesn’t create change. Action does!

The other phrase I don’t use is “I’m jealous.”

Jealously and constantly comparing yourself to others prevents you from living your own life to the fullest.

Frankly, jealousy is a waste of time. There’s always going to be someone who is stronger, better looking, makes more money or takes better vacations than you do.

It’s a much better use of your time to be thankful for something in your own life or even simply in your own day. Someone else might be at the beach while you’re stuck in 6 feet of snow, but did you have a great workout? Did you get to spend some time on the couch snuggling your amazing kiddo or husband? Focus on that instead. And heck, if you’re jealous someone else is at the beach, get saving and take your own vacation!

Jealousy doesn’t create change, action does!

You chose your own path and now it’s time to own it. Besides that, the very people you are jealous of probably have their own issues. Always remember, everyone has his or her own story and what we see on social media is only one tiny sliver of it.

Sure, I regress once in awhile and have my not-so-kind-to-myself moments, but 90-95% of the time I just don’t use this language.

I’d much rather spend time being thankful for what I have and working hard for what I want in the future than wasting that same time feeling fat or being jealous.

I know, I know…it’s all easier said than done. Sometimes you really just do feel fat or jealous. How can you get away from those thoughts?

Here are a few examples to get you started…

If you feel fat, instead of harping on it, do something. Take action. Join a gym. Find a workout buddy. Skip the full sleeve of Oreos tonight.

If you feel jealous, remind yourself to be thankful instead. Every single day, write down one thing you are thankful for.

Catch yourself next time you feel fat or jealous and rearrange those thoughts and your language. It’s life-changing. I promise.

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