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Being single can be a challenge for all sorts of reasons. During romantic holidays, however, things can become particularly awkward. But surely there must be some benefits of being single in college on Valentine’s Day?

Fortunately, given that college is a time to learn more and expand your comfort zone, being single definitely has its unsung benefits, including:

  1. You don’t have any obligations on Valentine’s Day.

Want to binge watch your favorite TV shows in your pajamas? Great! Want to order pizza in and play stupid games with your friends? Fine! Want to ignore everyone else and hide under your covers and read Harry Potter all day (and night)? Deal! In essence: There’s no weird dinner-and-a-date-and-maybe-a-nice-gift obligation you might feel. Valentine’s Day belongs to you, so you get to celebrate it however you best see fit.

  1. You can save some money.

One of the unspoken downsides of Valentine’s Day is that it can often become quite expensive. And for college students who don’t have a lot of (if any) disposable income, expensive holidays can really throw a wrench in a budget. If you’re single, however, you don’t have to buy gifts for anyone, treat anyone to a meal, or travel to see a significant other.

  1. You can avoid any relationship drama.

Oh heavens: we all know those couples that seem to use celebratory affairs as an excuse for shenanigans. Fortunately for you, your single status means that you don’t have to deal with any relationship silliness. No stress over what a partner didn’t give you, no unmet expectations about how you should have celebrated, no suspicion over what your partner did (or didn’t do) at a party or other social event that night.

  1. You can do something you might not have done if you were in a relationship.

Given the expectations around Valentine’s Day, you might have had preset notions of how to spend Valentine’s Day with a significant other. Since you’re single, however, you can do what you want — which might mean doing something new and unfamiliar. Having a partner might have prevented you from trying something new and even a little bit scary (in a good way, of course) on Valentine’s Day. (Bungee jumping, anyone?)

  1. You can enjoy having a date with yourself. For some people, this sounds awful. For others, taking a little time away from your crazy-busy college life to just reflect and have a moment to yourself can be highly rewarding. The chaos of college often means students rarely get time and space to themselves. For those who enjoy a little time on their own, Valentine’s Day can provide the perfect excuse to escape for a bit and celebrate the things that make you happiest. Take yourself on a date and enjoy the company!


Adapted from: About.Education, 2014.