Hiram College


The Student Health Center is working with University Hospital, Geauga Medical Center, in a collaborative approach to educate the students at Hiram College about chronic disease prevention and control.

We are using the 3FOUR50 initiative as implemented by the American College Health Association as part of Healthy Campus 2020. Healthy Campus 2020 is based on Healthy People 2020 goals established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The Name 3FOUR50 represents the key message : There are three lifestyle choices: tobacco use, poor diet (including harmful use of alcohol) and lack of physical activity, that contribute to four chronic diseases: heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, lung disease and some cancers, which in turn, contribute to more than fifty percent of preventable deaths in the world.

The artistic talents of Breanna Webb, Hiram College Sophomore, have brought the three risk factors “to life” as cartoon characters. Tar, Glutton and Sloth, and will be appearing around campus and at our Healthy Hiram events to heighten awareness of the fact that what we do today involving our personal wellness impacts our future health in significant ways.

Please join us October 22nd at the Kennedy Center from 7-9pm for the FREE Total Fitness Kick-off.


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