Guidelines for Submission

It is the responsibility of OCFGR to review and submit all grant proposals to external funding sources as well as maintain records on all grant submissions, awards and renewals.  In order to assist OCFGR in this process:

  • Faculty preparing to submit a grant proposal must contact OCFGR; the earlier in the process the better.
  • All external grant proposals for research, programs, projects, etc. must be approved by appropriate College officials, including the President, before being submitted to a funding prospect. It is a shared responsibility of OCFGR and the principal investigator/program director to obtain the required approvals.
  • Completed proposals (without the help of OCFGR) must be submitted to OCFGR for review and to obtain signatures five working days prior to the submission deadline. OCFGR will copy, collate and mail proposals
  • Notice of approval, denial, renewal and extension of all grants must be reported to OCFGR for tracking purposes.
  • All grant monies must be processed through the OCFGR – Development Office. A new account number must be used for any grant monies received.  OCFGR will submit the grant documentation to the Budget Office so they will generate and forward an account number to the PI/PD.
  • OCFGR will work with the PI/PD to meet all reporting requirements outlined in the grant agreement or award letter.  OCFGR will keep on file all correspondence and reports submitted to the funder.
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