All Alumni Giving - 1940-1949

Mae (Stinchcomb) Allen '49
Anonymous (14)
John Bailey and Jane Bailey '49/--
Mary Banks
Elizabeth Barrett '43
Eleanor (Bowen) Berry and Frank Berry '49/--
William Boyd '47
Thomas B. Boyer '41
Paula (Elliott) Bradley '45
Maynard Brichford and Jane Brichford '48/--
Bert Burda and Phyllis (Powell) Burda '48/'49
Cynthia (Robson) Burden and Robert Burden '47/--
Lynn Hermer Cathcart '45
John Champe and Helen Champe '44/--
Keylon Clarke and Vesta (Ryder) Clarke '48/'47
Sarah (Owen) Duncan and Norman Duncan '49/--
Dorothy (Barlow) Farner and Frank Farner '42/--
James Farrell and Joan Farrell '48/--
Frank Fisher and Norma (Larsen) Fisher '43/'45
Sarah Elizabeth (Jones) Frey '41
The Estate of Janet Frisbee '42
Carol (Spencer) Gibson '48
Agnes (Harper) Glowacki and Shirley Glowacki '48/--
Ralph Hanna and Doris Hanna '48/--
Nancy (Ackerman) Hillyard '47
William Irwin and Bobbie (Shaeffer) Irwin+ '48/'50
J. Phillip Jones and Norma (Collins) Jones '47/'49
William Kelly and Ruth Kelly '40/-- and the William and Ruth Kelly Family Foundation
Robert Kidder+ and Virginia (Coburn) Kidder '44/'46
Moray (Martin) Kiehl '41
Lester Krause and Marjorie (Vickers) Krause '40/'42
William Kroeck '47
Willard+ and Helen Lamb '49/--
Robert Liston and Jean Altman-Liston '49/'48
Marilyn Malina '49
Harriett (Turner) Mallory '43
Herbert Mansfield '43
Mary (McKinney) McCoy '49
Joe McMillan and Ellen (Smoyer) McMillan '48/'45
Emory Michel '48
Wendell Milz and Ruth (Schuller) Milz '40/'42
William R. Miner and M. LaVerne Miner '45/--
Alan Morrow
Eileen (Anthony) Niemi and Edwin Niemi '48/--
Mary (Ward) Nunemaker '47
Mary (Thompson) Parsons+ '45
Norman Patton and Meryl Patton '48/--
Charles Pennock and June Pennock '41/--
William Riley+ '44
Paul Rilling '44
Margaret (Roth) Robson and J. Ross Robson '49/--
Robert Roy and Betty Roy '47/--
George Salen and Dolores (Grieser) Salen '43/--
Nancy (Braden) Scheyhing and Robert Scheyhing '48/--
Martha (Jenks) Schonmeyer and Dale Schonmeyer '49/--
Doris Evelyn (Fey) Slater '40
Laurel (Hesoun) Smith '49
Richard Spencer and Evelynne (Troyer) Spencer '42/'39
Muriel (McAdoo) Sponseller+ '46
Rexford Taylor+ and Dene (Chadwick) Taylor '41/'41
Jean (Miller) Timmons '49
Frank Truby and Betsy (Kirby) Truby '48/'50
Margaret (Aldstadt) Turner '49
Dorothy (Auringer) Voss '48
Shirley (Campbell) Walton '48
Shirley (Berlin) Wilhjelm '49
Charles Young and Grace (Perry) Young --/'48
Elizabeth (Gahagan) Zingler and William Zingler '47/--
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