Field Station

The James H. Barrow Field Station was established in 1967 to provide Hiram College students with the opportunity to supplement classroom activities with hands-on learning experiences.

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The field station has since developed into an active research and educational facility that enhances the College's science and environmental studies programs; in addition, it provides a means for the general public to increase their understanding and appreciation of Ohio natural history. Experiences gained at the field station enhance student research, teaching and leadership.

Alumni often credit their experiences at the station as inspiration for further study in science, education and/or environmental studies.

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Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Creek Protection Plan

Hiram College and the James H. Barrow Field Station have been partnering with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) and the Western Reserve Land Conservancy in developing plans for protecting and restoring the water quality of the  ecosystem including and surrounding two local streams.

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