Center for Engaged Ethics

Our mission is to foster ethical engagement through awareness, reflection, and action, and to equip students to confront the ethical challenges of their lives.

Since ethical issues and challenges arise throughout our personal, professional, and civic lives, we aim to engage ethics throughout the College, its curriculum, and our students' lives.

  • Ethical engagement requires heightened attentiveness and sensitivity to the ethical dimensions of life. An increased awareness of events in the world is enriched by a more sophisticated understanding of concepts and theories for analyzing their ethical aspects and consequences.
  • To be ethically engaged requires reflection on our own values, motives, and biases. It is to pursue a deeper understanding of ourselves and to attune ourselves in our relationships with others, as we seek to live meaningful lives of ethical purpose in the world.
  • This purpose impels us to harvest the fruits of awareness and reflection by taking action necessary to live integrated ethical lives of genuine responsibility as moral persons, members of communities, and global citizens.
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