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The race to the White House is the talk of the nation, and Hiram College is engaging students and the community during campaign season 2012.

The Garfield Institute for Public Leadership has been conducting the Listening to Young Voters Project since January 2012.

Through nationwide polls, the Institute is aiming to gauge the mindset of young voters, who turned out in record numbers in 2008, leading up to the presidential election in November 2012.

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Scholar-in-residence Jason Johnson, a national expert on elections and campaigns, has been generating buzz about the Young Voters Project through various media outlets.

"The survey shows that there is general optimism for the future and support for the President among young people. It also shows that when asked about specifics on the economy and jobs, Romney and the Republicans have made significant gains."

Johnson is a frequent guest in both local and national media, and has been following the campaign closely throughout this election season.

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Dr. Jason Johnson gives a quick assessment of the 2012 presidential election for Hiram College live from Al Jazeera Headquarters in Doha Qatar

Dr. Johnson on the second presidential debate:

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Register to Vote in Hiram

Students living away from home will have a number of opportunities to register to vote in Hiram before the Oct. 9 deadline:

  • Dining Hall (twice weekly)
  • Residence Halls (door-to-door and evening programs)
  • During some classes

Get Informed

The Political Science Department will host viewings of the three presidential debates in the main classroom of Koritansky Hall. 

Viewings will begin around 8 p.m., with pizza and soft drinks. Debate dates and topics are the following:

  • Oct. 3 (domestic policy)
  • Oct. 16 (town meeting format including foreign and domestic policy)
  • Oct. 22 (foreign policy)