Admission Contact Information

Teachout-Price Hall, 330-569-5169





Bowman, Frank Director, International Admission 330-569-5175
Brannon, Connie Assistant Director of Admission 330-569-5179
Dean II, Sherman C. Director of Admission 330-569-6102
Hobba, Jamie Interim V.P. for Admission & Financial Aid 330-569-5169
Lukezic, Stephanie Assistant Director of Admission 330-569-5293
Milani, Carol A. Campus Visit Coordinator 330-569-5169
Mongold, Jeff Assistant Director, Out of State Recruitment 330-569-5176
Safko, Dan Admission Counselor 330-569-6103
Singer, Alee Admission Counselor  
Summerlin, Dottie R. Data Processing Coordinator 330-569-5170
Vaught, Lori Application Coordinator 330-569-5171
Wood, Jessica Admission Counselor 330-569-5178
Fax Machine   330-569-5944  

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