Last Name Initial 'S'







Safford, Lisa B. Professor Art Gelbke Art 330-569-5307
Safko, Dan Admission Counselor Admission Teachout-Price 330-569-6103
Sandlund, Vivien E. Professor/Director of Graduate Studies History Pendleton 330-569-5469
Sauline, Nancy Assistant Director of Academic Services Student Academic Services Hinsdale 106 330-569-6185
Schettler, Martha A. Manager Property Management/Transportation Central Services 330-569-6035
Schmidt, Chris Electronic Resources/Systems Librarian Library Library 330-569-5363
Schneider, Lisa H. Manager, Institutional Advancement Programs Institutional Advancement Teachout-Price 330-569-5986
Schoenewald, Catherine Instructor Nursing Teachout-Price 218 330-569-6134
Schrlau, Willa S. Research Teaching Associate Biology Gertstacker 203 330-569-5297
Schuller, Jennifer N. Executive Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving Development and Alumni Relations Office Bancroft House 330-569-5839
Semety, Christine Program Coordinator Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship, Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature   330-569-6200/5330
Semplak, Bree M. Assistant Athletic Trainer/Director of Fitness Operations Athletics and Exercise/Sports Science Coleman Sports Center 330-569-5807
Shauver, Lisa Research Teaching Associate Psychology Bates Hall 330-569-5224
Sherwood, Yvonne H. Administrative Asstistant/Graphic Design Asst. College Relations Teachout-Price 330-569-5286
Shirey, Linda K. Manager Student Accounts Teachout-Price 330-569-5114
Shreiner, Carol Assistant Professor Chemistry Gerstacker 205 330-569-5156
Shura, Robin Assistant Professor Sociology Hinsdale 134 330-569-6284
Simeral, Elizabeth Senior Instructional Designer Professional and Graduate Studies Library Room L04 330-569-5167
Singer, Alee Admission Counselor Admission    
Skingel, Connie Executive Director of Alumni Relations
and Annual Giving
Development and Alumni Relations Office Bancroft House 330-569-5279
Skora, Kerry Chair, Professor Religious Studies Department Hinsdale 126 330-569-5149
Skorepa, Carl Tech Director/Designer Theatre Arts FPA 204 330-569-5507
Slattery, Rebecca A. Art Director College Relations Teachout-Price 330-569-5289
Smith, Forrest Adjunct Faculty Professional and Graduate Studies Hinsdale 205 330-569-5161
Sonntag, Dawn Associate Professor Music Frohring Music 204 330-569-5301
Sorrick, Beverly A. Cashier/Financial Services Specialist Student Accounts Office/Cashier Window Teachout-Price 330-569-5117
Sorrick, Matthew W. Director of the Center for Science Education Environmental Studies Colton 204 330-569-6003
Sorrick, Roxanne Chair, Associate Professor/Director, Teacher Ed. Education Jessie Smith 330-569-5273
Stanford, Henry Assistant Football Coach Athletics and Exercise/Sports Science Coleman Sports Center 330-569-5342
Stanziano, Stephen Adjunct Faculty Music Frohring Music 330-569-5294
Stapleton, Jennifer Grants Coordinator Business Office Teachout-Price 330-569-6037
Staron, Timothy Adjunct Faculty Music Frohring Music 211 330-569-5294
Stine, Gwyneth Acquisitions/Serial Officer Library Library  330-569-5447
Stocz, Anita C. Director of Special Events & Conferencing Conferencing Hiram Inn 330-569-6007
Stopper, Connie Program Director/Associate Professor Nursing Teachout-Price 215 330-569-6186
Summerlin, Dottie R. Data Processing Coordinator Administration Teachout-Price 330-569-5170
Swenson, Jeffrey C. Assistant Professor/Director of Writing Across the Curriculum English Bonney Castle 330-569-5324
Sypolt, Kevin L. Adjunct Faculty Professional and Graduate Studies Hinsdale 205 330-569-5161


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