Last Name Initial 'B'







Bart, Bill Adjunct Faculty Economics/Management/Accounting    
Bass, Kim Adjunct Faculty      
Battaglia, Connie Financial Aid Specialist Financial Aid Teachout-Price 330-569-5112
Bauman, Elizabeth A. Chair, Associate Professor Theatre Arts Department FPA 205 330-569-5218
Baumbick, Charlotte J. Carpenter Central Services Central Services 330-569-5339
Beeman, Diane Coordinator of the Annual Fund Development and Alumni Relations Bancroft House 330-569-5105
Benedict, Michael Associate Professor and Co-Director Environmental Studies Colton 313 330-569-6048
Benjamin, David  Adjunct Faculty   Hinsdale 205 330-569-5161
Bennett, Trevor Mail Room/Printing Center Assistant Service Center Bates Hall 330-569-5222
Bentley, Laurie Adjunct Faculty     330-569-5161
Berkley, Suzanne Equipment Coordinator Athletics and Exercise/Sports Science Coleman Sports Center 330-569-5365
Bihl, Andy Director, Physical Plant Physical Plant (Sodexo) Central Services 330-569-5335
Billock, Marjorie H. Registered Nurse Health Center Health Center 330-569-5418
Blackie, Michael Associate Professor Biomedical Humanities Mahan House 330-569-6113
Blackstone, Linda A. Accounts Payable Specialist Business Office Teachout-Price 330-569-5937
Blozie, Erika M. Head Women's Lacrosse Coach Athletics and Exercise/Sports Science Coleman Sports Center
Bolus, John M. Assistant Professor Economics/Management/Accounting Hinsdale  
Borkan, Christie Administrative Assistant Nursing Teachout-Price 211 330-569-6132
Bourassa-Moreland, Linda A. Professor Art Gelbke Art 330-569-5306
Bowers, Paul Dean of Professional and Graduate Studies Professional and Graduate Studies Hinsdale 330-569-5453
Bowman, Frank J. Director of International Admission Admission Teachout-Price 330-569-5175 
Bowser, Heather J. Coordinator, Data and Admin Records Education Jessie Smith 330-569-5269
Boyle, Susan A. Controller/Director of Accounting Business Office Teachout-Price 330-569-5119
Brannon, Connie Assistant Director Admission Teachout-Price 330-569-5179
Brattebo, Douglas Associate Professor Political Science KoritanskyHall  330-569-5147
Braydich, Brittney R. Director, Major Gifts Development and Alumni Relations Office Bancroft House 330-569-5135
Bricker-Thompson, Jason Director of Community Service Community Service Program Chapel 330-569-6094
Broughton, Howard Director of Partnership Development Professional and Graduate Studies Hinsdale 205 330-569-5023
Brunstein, Luis Assistant Professor Economics/Management/Accounting Hinsdale 116 330-569-5151
Buchanan, Virginia M. Professor Mathematics Colton Hall 22 330-569-5245
Buckholdt, Michael A. Service Center Printer Technician Service Center Bates Hall 330-569-5223
Buckley, Sheryl Adjunct Faculty   Hinsdale 205 330-569-5161
Byrne, Christopher Program Counselor, Online Programs Professional and Graduate Studies Hinsdale 205 330-569-5025
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