Website Layout

Although we allow a fair degree of creative flexiblity when designing new pages and websites, the basic structures must be adhered to.

Components and Branding

  • The Hiram College logo must be dsiplayed in the top left, and must link to the Hiram College homepage.
  • The main navigation must be consistently displayed along the top edge, grouped into the major areas, and displayed in a horizontal list.
  • Secondary navigation, specfic to the section of the site you are on, must be consistently displayed in the leftmost column below the main navigation, and displayed in a vertical list.
  • Below the secondary navigation, tertiary navigation can be set. This tertiary navigation can be page-specific, only appearing in a single instance when the content of the page calls for it. Tertiary navigation is not required, and should only be used when necessary.
  • An optional right-side column can be designated, to display informational areas relevant to the page or section, for instance department hours or contact information. If no right-side column is neccesary, then the primary content area will just strech to fill the space.
  • The footer should mirror and expand upon the main navigation, offering the same menus plus other less trafficked but still important pages.
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