• Primary colors:
  • Blue: #2e4675
  • Red: #802118
  • Secondary colors:
  • Light Blue: #d1d9e1
  • Light Gray: #f5f6f8
  • Text should always be black (#000000) except in the following instances:
    • Links should always be red with no underline
    • Headlines should be blue and bold
    • If the background is in red or blue, the text should be white
  • Page backgrounds should always be white or light gray.
  • Gradients are not permitted.


  • Body copy should be "Helvetica-Neue". If "Helvetica-Neue" is not available the preferred fonts are "Helvetica", "Arial" and generic "Sans-Serif", in that order.
  • Headlines within the body should be bold and blue, sized up to 20px when used at the top of the page, and 16px when used throughout the page. An underline can be placed under a top of the page headline.
  • If special emphasis is needed throughout the page, bolding and red font coloring may be used sparingly.
  • Menu titles and main navigation links can be in "Adobe Caslon Pro", with "Georgia", and generic "Serif" as backup, in that order. This style is to be used sparingly or not at all, and never within the main content area.



  • Videos may be embedded in the page in any size, as long as a full screen version is linked or otherwise available. The size of the video can not be so large as to obscure other page functions.
  • If the video is not full width it should be right or left aligned with enough space on the side for text to be clearly legible.
  • Videos should never be set to autoplay.


  • Images should be in JPG, GIF, or PNG format, with a resolution of 72 dpi. JPG for photography, GIF or PNG for graphics and logos.
  • Images must be used with proper permissions. They should derive from your own personal collection, used with permission from another's collection, or purchased from an appropriate stock site. Never use Google Image Search or any other similar service.
  • Pictures relevant to the page subject can be used either as full or half-width.
  • Half-width pictures should be left or right aligned, never center aligned, with a 15px margin placed on the side of the picture facing the text.
  • Captions should be centered below the picture with an italicied font.


  • Logos, whether from Hiram or from another company or institution, may be sized between half and quarter width, never full width, and should be right of left aligned with a 15px margin on the side facing the text.

Linked PDFs:

  • A PDF file should always open in a new window.
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