Fall 2015 Events

Sept. 14:  Career in Healthcare Series:  James Hideg

5 p.m., Dining Hall Side Room 

Sept. 18:  Career in Healthcare Series:  Mark Murray

Noon, Dining Hall Side Room 

Oct. 15:  Career in Healthcare Series:  Dr. Joseph Baytosh

Noon, Dining Hall Side Room 

Oct. 30:  Lecture by Dr. Timothy Walker:  “Healing Knowledge in the Portuguese Colonial World: Medical Descriptions as Works of Ethnography, Botany, and Literature”

4:15 p.m., Alumni Heritage Room 

Spring 2016 Events 

Jan. 21:  "Recovery from Schizophrenia: Myth, Mountain or Miracle?" with Dr. Fred Frese 

6:30 p.m., KC Ballroom

Feb. 10:  A Lecture by Dr. Karla Holloway

6 p.m., KC Ballroom

For anyone interested in bringing an event to the Center, please contact Erin Lamb, Director of the Center, at 330-569-6139 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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