The Literature and Medicine Book Series

Published by Kent State University Press

  • The Country Doctor Revisited by Therese Zink
  • Beyond Forgetting:  Poetry and Prose about Alzheimer's Disease edited by Holly J. Hughes
  • The Heart's Truth by Cortney Davis
  • Return to The House of God: Medical Resident Education 1978-2008 edited by Martin Kohn and Carol Donley
  • The Spirit of the Place by Samuel Shem
  • Bodies and Barriers: Dramas of Dis-Ease edited by Angela Belli
  • Lisa's Story: The Other Shoe by Tom Batiuk
  • Wider than the Sky: Essays and Meditations on the Healing Power of Emily Dickinson edited by Cindy MacKenzie and Barbara Dana
  • Stories of Illness and Healing: Women Write Their Bodies edited by Sayantani Das Gupta and Marsha Hurst
  • Checkhov's Doctors: A Collection of Checkhonv's Medical Tales edited by Jack Coulehan
  • Tenderly Lift Me: Nurses Honored, Celebrated, and Remembered by Jeanne Bryner
  • What's Normal? Narratives of Mental & Emotional Disorders edited by Carol Donley and Sheryl Buckley
  • The Tyranny of the Normal: An Anthology edited by Carol Donley and Sheryl Buckley
  • Literature and Aging: An Anthology edited by Martin Kohn, Carol Donley and Delese Wear
  • Recognitions: Doctors & Their Stories edited by Carol Donley and Martin Kohn
  • The Poetry of Nursing: Poems and Commentaries of Leading Nurse-Poets edited by Judy Schaefer
  • Our Human Hearts: A Medical and Cultural Journey by Albert Howard Carter III
  • Fourteen Stories: Doctors, Patients, and Other Strangers by Jay Baruch
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