Our Story: The Language of Science

How good is the scientific community at relating to its body of thinkers and between its disciplines what its findings are imparting about the world in which we live? That core question goes to work in the Center for Deciphering Life's Language's ties with the two other science-related Centers and the Center for Engaged Ethics at Hiram. It also extends to the wider world.

It is about scientific literacy, not only sharing what is known in a cogent and effective way but collaboratively coming to comprehend what the research, data and experiences are trying to tell us.

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The Hiram Genomics Store

The Hiram Genomics Store, an entrepreneurial venture started by Brad Goodner, two faculty colleagues, and four Hiram students, is an educator-to-educator enterprise and a student-run business under Hiram Ventures, Inc. focused on bringing novel DNA based research involving genes, genomes, and even metagenomes into classrooms.

You can see the wide array of research kits and data sets available for use in science classrooms from middle school up through college at the store’s website www.hiramgenomicsstore.com. In addition to its website, the store is making connections to potential customers through email blasts, Facebook, and face-to-face opportunities at scientific conferences. While the initial emphasis of Hiram Genomics Store was on pre-college science education, there is no doubt many of the store’s products can be useful at the college level as well.