Year-by-Year Summary

Freshman Year: Introduction

Students will plan and participate as a cohort in on and off campus events (lectures, exhibitions, performances, service learning projects, etc.) with local and global foci, helping them to see the interconnected nature of the 21st Century world in which we live. A weekly hour seminar will challenge participants to reflect and integrate new encounters with each other and previous life experiences or understandings. While exploring local and global components of the capacious and often intractable problems of their future world, students will identify by the end of the year the issues of concern that they will study and then formulate into an action research plan of consequence

Faculty will teach two one hour courses in year one where students plan their areas of interest, and what they will take on in year two locally, and year three globally. Upon successful completion of their group action research project on a local level, students will have earned the right to select and participate in an internship during the summer of their sophomore or junior years.

Sophomore Year: Local Focus

During fall, students as a group will research and propose a global theme and series of on-campus events to occur the following year, coordinated with other Centers on the campus. Students will serve as mentors to incoming Global Leaders.

In spring, the group will plan a three-week On-Campus Internship Challenge. Students will put into action one of the local issues/problems they identified during their first year experience.

Students participate in a summer internship related to global issues.

Junior Year: Global Focus

During the junior year students will put into force their global action research project planned in conjunction with faculty during their first two years. The program will extend 9 to 12 weeks, the times designed to maximize exchanges of ideas, strategies enacting change and collaboration between participants and organizations and individuals in other countries. The collaborative interdisciplinary nature of the action research projects will provide extraordinary leadership opportunities designed to improve learning of all by modeling what we know about the science of learning.

Senior Year: Culmination

Students will complete the Collaborative Senior Thesis Capstone, followed by the Spring 3-Week Emerging Global Leaders Summit (presentation of results and future plans) with attendance by all cohort groups, Center Resource Council and other members, and new high school recruits and their teacher scholars. Upon completion, graduating seniors will receive the Emerging Global Leader Scholars Award.

Students work in groups, seeking out the relevant faculty to mentor their thematically inspired project.

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