Why Hiram?

You can't know just a little bit about life. You need to know about everything in life. This has never been more relevant than it is today. Hiram's liberal arts education has long centered on creating rich learning environments, building a foundation to improve lifelong learning. In teaching not what to learn, but how to learn, Hiram equips its students with the critical thinking skills necessary to meet and manage the challenges of their lifetimes – including what to do as soon as they graduate.

Hiram is uniquely qualified to prepare Emerging Global Leaders. Students know from the beginning they can become the global leaders of the 21st century. Hiram has empowered students to do this through three centuries (James A. Garfield did it in the 19th century). For over 150 years Hiram College has been synonymous with innovation.

  • It has a long-standing reputation for excellence in the humanities, fine arts and social sciences.
  • It was the first college with a field station dedicated to undergraduate research.
  • It was one of the leaders in developing multiple faculty-led study abroad programs.
  • The first and only college to divide its semesters into 12- and 3-week segments to accommodate both the breadth and depth some subjects demand and the intensity others require.
  • It developed a K-12 international STEM academy program.
  • It has a diverse campus.
  • It has respected science, environmental and biology programs.
  • It has a strong history of community service and service learning.

Emerging Global Scholars benefit from built-in global travel abroad, internships, mentoring and collaborating to do real work for real people. It's not a mock business plan – it's dealing with real issues, addressing them and changing people's lives.

It's brain-based education – those who do the work do the learning. It's critical thinking, reflection and application. Scholars see the ideas they first fleshed out in their freshman year come to fruition by their senior year. They see the impact of their work even before they graduate.

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