Program Outcomes

Emerging Global Leaders immerse themselves in their selected projects, traveling abroad, participating in paid internships, developing and presenting approaches and solutions – in addition to completing Hiram's standard liberal arts curriculum and their chosen major(s). It's unparalleled interdisciplinary, collaborative hands-on learning – and making a meaningful difference in the world.

Learning by doing is a predominant theme throughout the program. The collaborative nature of engaging in action research projects over four years provides Emerging Global Scholars with a depth of experiences that they will not gain in the simple degree programs of other institutions, programs that primarily assess the performance of individuals. Emerging Global Leaders are guaranteed a paid internship, and an extensive global experience including more than one country and often more than one continent, if that is the plan of action determined by program participants and leaders.

Hiram Global Leaders will have an appreciation of the challenges and uncertainties of the 21st-century, including the job market. They will have learned problem-solving skills and also will have research results to enhance their resumes.Particularly valuable experiences include:

  • The ability to work collaboratively, as demonstrated by the faculty's team-taught interdisciplinary approach to selected issues and the cohort's own research results.
  • The capacity to learn actively rather than passively—because those who do the work do the learning.
  • A skill set, including critical thinking, gained through action research.
  • The ability to lead gained by actively leading an issue-solving, multifaceted, interdisciplinary project.
  • Confidence achieved from not only from succeeding in Hiram's rigorous course of study but also from having gone beyond as part of a unique team.
  • Satisfaction from having been an integral part of Hiram's newest innovative learning community.

The student scholars of the Emerging Global Leaders program learn from the successes and failures of their own action research plans while they are students, providing them with a suite of extraordinary learning experiences that will help them to make better choices to meet the unprecedented demands of a century of unprecedented change. Students learn with faculty who model learning through engagement and who shy away from delivery of content as the modus operandi of undergraduate learning. Students learn by seeing that leadership thrives when leaders empower others to learn along with them, giving voice to individuals who help to chart their own paths to success as they have done in this program. Hiram’s new Global Leaders emerge with hard-won experiences that transform not only their view of the world but also their view of their role as leaders on a spectrum from local to global.

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