Applying to the Hiram Emerging Global Leaders Program

Are you ready:

  • To lead through collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving?
  • To engage in learning applied to issues of global and local consequence?
  • To empower others through action research designed with your input?
  • To learn how to incorporate other viewpoints in concrete plans of action?
  • To make a difference locally and globally as an undergraduate?

The Hiram College Emerging Global Leaders Program is designed to prepare students for the increasingly uncertain world of the 21st Century. The program serves students who embrace:

  1. Learning by doing.
  2. Empowerment of others by modeling collaboration and input from multiple perspectives.
  3. Participation in continuous action research over four years that incorporates their voice and their growing experience and expertise in seeking solutions to problems on both local and global scales.

We encourage applications for this highly competitive freshman-to-senior program from students who demonstrate that they will distinguish themselves as part of a collaborative team that researches the most pertinent issues they will face in the future and then formulates a plan of action in which they learn as much from the process as they give to the process. We encourage students who demonstrate that they work well in situations of uncertainty, and who can think creatively in finding sustainable solutions that empower others by giving them the tools to solve their own problems.

Applying for the Program:

Fill out the form below in addition to Hiram's general application to apply to be a scholar in the inaugural class of Hiram's Emerging Global Leaders Program. If you are an international student, you must also complete the International Student Application.

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For more Information:

Contact Dr. Dennis Taylor

  • 330.569.5267
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