Emerging Global Leaders Program

The Emerging Global Leaders Program is a competitive program involving a select group of students who have aspirations to become tomorrow's global leaders. Coordinated by the Center for Global Interaction, students will experience transformative learning based on experiential and action-based research.

This scholars program will include opportunities to invite and host campus speakers, select a paid internship, craft parts of an extensive service-learning based study abroad experience, and much more.

Emerging Global Leaders will be especially focused on addressing the global issues of our times. They will take the lead in determining what issues to investigate leading to a collaborative capstone experience connecting their chosen disciplinary major with critical global issues of the 21st century. Such issues cross many disciplinary boundaries and might include water scarcity, soil erosion, global warming, failing states, shifting food resources, social justice, economic inequities, religious and racial conflict, censorship, artistic looting and cultural heritage preservation.

Because of the group dynamic of the capstone projects, students will build skills of collaboration and cooperation by modeling partnerships that construct new knowledge, relationships and new ways of working as professionals.

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